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A Louisiana French Renaissance: CODOFIL's 50th Anniversary (2018)



Genre: Documentary

Place Covered: Louisiana

Copyright Holder: Louisiana Educational Television Authority

Date Issued: 2018-03-15

Duration: 00:40:50

Subjects: Council for the Development of French in Louisiana | French language | Cajun French dialect | Education | French immersion | Cajun music | Festivals Acadiens


  • LaFleur, Donna Narrator
  • Laudun, Tika Producer
  • Laudun, Tika Director
  • Laudun, Tika Writer
  • Fortenberry, Rex Q. Photographer
  • Fortenberry, Rex Q. Editor
  • Arceneaux, William Writer
  • Adams, Michael Associate Producer
  • Woods, Virnado Photographer
  • Crews, Keith Photographer
  • Fuselier, Zachary Interviewee
  • Guillory, Kristi Interviewee
  • Brown, Megan Interviewee
  • Arceneaux, William Interviewee
  • Ancelet, Barry Interviewee
  • Perrin, Warren Interviewee
  • Gustin, Philippe Interviewee
  • Domengeaux, James "Jimmie" Interviewee
  • Domengeaux, James H. Interviewee
  • LaFleur, Amanda Interviewee
  • Boudreaux, Nicole Simond Interviewee
  • Savoy, Ann Interviewee
  • Broussard, Earlene Interviewee
  • Guidry, Richard Interviewee
  • Lowe, Catherine Interviewee
  • Larroque, Charles Interviewee


This documentary from March 15, 2018, commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Council for the Development of French in Louisiana (CODOFIL) and the organization’s role in the renaissance of Louisiana’s French heritage, language, and culture. It covers: the history of Louisiana’s French-speaking populations; the decline of the French language in Louisiana during the 20th century; the establishment of CODOFIL as a state agency in 1968 under the direction of former Congressman James Domengeaux; CODOFIL sponsoring the teaching of the French language in Louisiana schools with teachers from France, Canada, and Belgium; Domengeaux’s controversial insistence on teaching standard French in the classroom; the importance of Cajun music and the establishment of Festivals Acadiens et Creoles to the revitalization of spoken Louisiana French; Domengeaux’s shift to incorporating spoken Louisiana French into the classroom; the impact of CODOFIL’s French immersion programs on preserving the language; and the training program for new Louisiana French teachers called Escadrille Louisiane. It includes interviews with: Zachary Fuselier, Kristi Guillory, and Megan Brown, young Cajun musicians; Dr. William Arceneaux, CODOFIL president, 2011-2018; Dr. Barry Ancelet, professor emeritus of Francophone Studies at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette; Warren Perrin, CODOFIL president, 1994-2000; Philippe Gustin, CODOFIL director, 1979-1989; James H. Domengeaux, nephew of CODOFIL founder; Amanda LaFleur, CODOFIL board member, 2008-2018; Nicole Simond Boudreaux, Foreign Association Teacher, 1977; Ann Savoy, musician; Earlene Broussard, CODOFIL director, 1992-1997; Catherine Lowe, Escadrille Louisiane participant; and Charles Larroque, CODOFIL director, 2014-2017.